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December 2005

Jersey Boys Podcast #005 - Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade & WKCR Interview with J. Robert Spencer

The Jersey Boys Podcast #5 for November 30, 2005 includes content from:

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Rhino Records authorized song segments played in this podcast:

Thanks to Jersey Boys Broadway, Rhino Records, WKCR, Mihal Gartenberg, and Macy/NBC for the wonderful content in this fan production.

Great Fan Site With Multimedia

We got email from the host of that is a site devoted to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. 

They are going to be capturing and posting the upcoming CNN video on the site via their Jersey Boys link (thanks also to another listener who forwarded the same link to us).

From this site you can see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade video and a bunch of other Jersey Boys media events.

Also from the main page you can see where and when Franke Valli is going to be performing in the near future.

Two Upcoming Jersey Boys Events

Select members of the Jersey Boys cast will be performing in the near-future at:

Note: On the CNN piece, Frankie Valli will also be participating.  Can someone volunteer to record the audio and/or the video of this for me?  We don't get CNN cable anymore.  Send me email at: if you can help.

Jersey Boys Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Performance

We hope everyone listening to the Jersey Boys podcast and those reading this site had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We certianly did.

If you managed to catch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Jersey Boys cast performance you were not disappointed.  It was great!  I have the audio and the video of the small segment from the NBC Today Show broadcast.  I'll probably include the audio in the next podcast.

If the video shows up on the Internet where I can link to it, I'll definitely share the link with everyone.

Jersey Boys Podcast #004 - Interview with Michael Longoria by Andrew Coffey, Super Fan Email, and WCBS Segment

The fourth Jersey Boys Podcast is now available.  The goal continues to be to bring you the best in information and personal experiences related to Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, and the Jersey Boys Broadway show now playing at the August Wilson Theatre [tickets].

This edition has a segment from Andrew Coffey's interview with Michael Longoria, Christy reviews a SuperFan feedback email, and there is short segment from WCBS interview with Bob Gaudio & Frankie Valli:

Links mentioned in this podcast include:

Song segments played:

Fellow Podcaster Has Jersey Boys Interview

Andrew Coffey @ Exit 50 Podcast has an interview with Jersey Boys' cast member Michael Longoria.  Please check it out and let us know what you think.  Andrew also posted some pictures he took.

NOTE: The interview has some adult language.  Might not be work safe or appropriate if kids are listening.  It probably should also be noted that the same "disclaimer" is true for a couple of scenes included on the CAST CD.

Business of Broadway Shines for Jersey Boys

Variety reports (15Nov05) that Jersey Boys box office gross sales was "[the] biggest winner with $667,407, rising $244,669 in the wake of strong reviews" from the previous week.

But probably more importantly, is reporting (21Nov05) that:

Jersey Boys has broken the house record at the August Wilson Theatre, formerly the Virginia Theatre (245 West 52nd Street).   For the week ending November 20, the musical grossed $689,839.00--up $2,423.00 on the previous house record set by Little Shop of Horrors in December, 2003.