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Jersey Boys Podcast #016 - Interview with John Lloyd Young

Today's show (Jersey Boys Podcast #016 for Saturday, April 15, 2006) is the first in several in-person interviews my wife Christy and I recorded during our very recent trip to New York City. 

The first interview is with John Lloyd Young who plays Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys Broadway.

Questions include: What is your favorite thing about Jersey Boys? What is your routine like? How did you get started in theatre? What are some your goals as an actor? What are some of your challenges with being successful?

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Support Broadway Cares by sending a donation to John Lloyd Young, c/o JERSEY BOYS, August Wilson Theatre, 245 W. 52nd  Street, New York, NY 10019.

(Size: 19.7-MBs, Time: 42:59)


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