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Jersey Boys Podcast #017 - Review of the Broadyway Show and Interview with J. Robert Spencer

Today we are posting (Jersey Boys Podcast #17 for Friday, April 28, 2006) the second of our in-person interviews that my wife Christy and I recently recorded during our fabulous trip New York City in early April 2006. But before we get to the interview we play our personal "review" of Jersey Boys Broadway, and then the interview with J. Robert Spencer who plays Nick Massi in the Broadway production of Jersey Boys (he also played the same role in the La Jolla Playhouse production).

Make sure you listen all the way through and learn about our upcoming fan give-a-way contest that will end on May 5, 2006. Key clue: Get on the Jersey Boys Podcast Frappr Map!

Questions asked to J. Robert Spencer: What is your favorite thing about Jersey Boys?  What is the difference between playing La Jolla vice New York City?  How is New York City treating you? This is your second Broadway show, what was your first? What is it like to play Nick Massi? Do you have a "extreme" fan story?

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Quickie comment - Actually, from the couple times I've seen the show, the "cocktail napkins" line was cut from the show. Since the CD was recorded between LaJolla and Broadway, there were some tweaks made in the script. I miss the cocktail napkins line, though! :-)

Steve Holden

Kay ... yes we were able to confirm after our Friday performance review on that Wed when we did most of the interviews, that that line is taken out. I think it might have to do with keeping the show length the same time even with the crowd claping. - Steve

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