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Upcoming TV Performances With Jersey Boys

The Jersey Boys are going to be on the following TV shows in the very near future:

  • ABC's "Live with Regis & Kelly," May 25 [,]
  • Jersey Boys will be singing a tribute to Katie Couric on the Today Show on May 31st [blog]
  • WEEKEND TODAY on Saturday, June 3 at 8 AM EST on NBC [JerseyBoyBlog]

They also did something interesting according to the NY Post during a recent intermission for CBS.

Jersey Boys Podcast #018 - Interview with Christian Hoff

Today's podcast (originally recorded on May 14, 2006 - Happy Mother's Day!) is the 3rd of our in-person interviews that we recently recorded during our fabulous trip New York City in early April 2006. 

This interview is with the very talented Christian Hoff who plays Tommy Devito in the Broadway production of Jersey Boys (he also played the same role in the La Jolla Playhouse production). This podcast also updates listeners on our 'fan give-a-way' news. The winners were: #1.) Gina B., #2.) Paul K., and #3.) Mary S. 

Questions asked to Christian Hoff: Favorite part of Jersey Boys? What is it like to play Tommy Devito? How is NYC treating you? What was your 1st Broadway show experience like? Give us some perspective on you recent soap opera work? What is the background of your "Marinating In The Music" statement on the NBC Today Show? What is your favorite Four Seasons song?

Thanks to the recent new members of the Jersey Boys Podcast Frappr Map: Maureen from Las Vegas, NV; Maggie from Tucson, Arizona; Michael I from Brooklyn, NY;  Kathryn H from Oakwood, GA; and Kay K. from New York.

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