Jersey Boys Podcast #017 - Review of the Broadyway Show and Interview with J. Robert Spencer
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Linda Cluney


We just returned from our trip to NYC last week. Amoung the exciting moments we had there (including being in the Letterman show audience when Britney made her annoucement that she is expecting), we went to see The Jersey Boys on Thursday night. The theatre has great seating, and I don't think there are any bad seats in the house. We sat in the orchestra section about row O in center.
My husband is not big on theatre productions. However, he said that he really enjoyed the show. I enjoyed it too. The place was sold out of course. People were very enthustiastic about the show, and there were standing ovations 2 times during the show. The lead players in the show were all smiles when this happened, and they deserved it very much. The show had some surprises that I did not realize they would do. That added to the interest and the personal side of the singers of the original band. I would love to see it again as I found it very original, and very different from other musical broadway shows. The movement from one scene to another flowed very smoothly and added to the drama of the lives of The Four Seasons. I would definitely recommend that anyone see this show, including those who may not be sure they enjoy broadway musicals. If anyone grew up listening to their songs, they will absolutely enjoy the show very much! Thanks for allowing me an opportunity to post my comments to your site.

Linda Cluney
Urbandale, Iowa

John D


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