Summary Of Recent Jersey Boys Related News
Jersey Boys Wins Four 2006 Tony Awards

Jersey Boys Podcast #019 - Interview with Daniel Reichard and The Lastest Jersey Boys News

The latest Jersey Boys Podcast has been released (recorded 06-05-06). This podcast has our interview with Daniel Reichard, and a summary of the latest Jersey Boys news. The questions we asked Daniel in this podcast includes:

  • What is your favorite thing about Jersey Boys?
  • Playing the role of Bob Gaudio, there seems to be some similarities between yourself and Bob and the way you play the role, people seem to fall in love with the character and the performance. I was wondering if you had some thoughts or ideas on why that might be?
  • What was it like to meet Bob Gaudio?
  • Tell us a little bit about your past theatre experiences and how you got into the theatre?
  • What are some of the differences that you can see between the La Jolla Playhouse production and this one (that means something special to you)?
  • What is your favorite Frankie Valli song?

The following song segments are played in this podcast thanks to Rhino Records:

And here are the news links to some of the key recent awards (pre-Tony Awards) that Jersey Boys won that includes references to Drama League, Theatre World Award, Outer Critics Circle, Drama Desk Awards: Union Tribune, BroadwayWorld#1, Playbill#1, Playbill#2, Backstage#1, Backstage#2,,, and BroadwayWorld#2.

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Brian Moore

What a great interview! Daniel Reichard is obviously talented, but who knew he's such a nice guy, too? Thanks a lot!

Kathryn Hanson

This was a great interview, I just love Daniel. He is a great guy!

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