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Get Pluggd In To The Jersey Boys Podcast

There is a new podcast site called Pluggd that is still in Beta but you can get your Jersey Boys Podcast via this URL:

If you are listening to the Jersey Boys Podcast via a web browser than this might be a nicer interface for listening. 

They are going to start offering in-podcast audio search so you can quickly find a topic if you are so interested.

Jersey Boys Podcast #024 - The Girls of Jersey Boys Plus News & BBC Radio Segment

The Jersey Boys Podcast #24 for September 24, 2006 has been published.  This podcast includes our "Girls of Jersey Boys" group cast interview with Erica Piccininni, Heather Ferguson, Sara Schmidt, and Jennifer Naimo; the latest news about Jersey Boys; and Part 2 of 3 of our Bob Gaudio and Frankie Valli guest DJ appearance in 1994 on BBC Radio.

Song segments sampled courtesy of Rhino Records included:

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(Size: 16.5 MBs, Time: 35:46)

Jersey Boys Podcast #023 - Interviews with Michael Longoria & Frankie Valli, The Latest News, Plus A Special Treat

The Jersey Boys Podcast #23 that was recorded on Sunday Sept. 10th, 2006 has been posted! This podcast has an interview with Michael Longoria, the latest Jersey Boys news, an interview with Frankie Valli, and a 'special treat' that includes some unique musical perspectives directly from Frankie and Bob Gaudio.

Song segments played during this podcast:

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(Size: 16.4 MBs, Time: 35:34)