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Jersey Boys Tour Opening Night Reflections

Short Jersey Boys Preview Review

Last night, Saturday, Dec. 9, 2006, was the last preview show of Jersey Boys at the Curran Theatre. Today, Sunday, Dec. 10, 2006 is opening night.

As someone who has seen the show in La Jolla (three), and on Broadway (three), I have to honestly say the Jersey Boys Tour experience will not disappoint even the most harshest critic.  The four lead roles are done masterfully and with conviction.  Deven May is an irresistible Tommy DeVito. Erich Bergen nails Bob Gaudio. Michael Ingersoll captures Nick Massy. And Christopher Kale Jones dominates as Frankie Valli.

The talent of all the cast members and their hard work in preparation is very evident.  Christy and I both had 'wow' moments where even we were both taken aback by the professionalism and heart felt work to bring the Jersey Boys story to more and more people.

Kudos to all the folks working on the Jersey Boys - Tour and Broadway.  You are all doing amazing work, and it is quite an honor to be involved.

A new podcast with more details is in the works ... stay tuned!


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