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JERSEY BOYS PODCAST #041 - Major Tour News Update

The 41st Jersey Boys Podcast (recorded for May 8, 2007) has been released.  This podcast has details about the Jersey Boys Tour, Jersey Boys Broadway, Jersey Boys Las Vegas, happy birthday wishes to Frankie Valli, and condolences for the passing of Mary Delgado Valli.

In addition there are also mentions of Tour Cast locations: Los Angeles, CA; Chicago, IL; Tempe, AZ; Canada; and London.

The sources for today's podcast comes from: Broadway World, Jersey Boys Blog,, Sign On San Diego, Playbill, Philadelphia Inquirer, USA Today, PR Newswire, Eric Gutman Blog, and Jennifer Namo Blog.

Song samples played in this podcast include: 'New Town' and 'Born To Wander' [both from the Born To Wander album via CCMusic].  There is also a short audio segment of Frankie Valli on the Mike Douglas show singing 'Happy Birthday' mixed into today's podcast.

(Size: 5.7MBs, Time: 12:20)

JERSEY BOYS PODCAST #040 - Latest Audio News Covering Jersey Boys Broadway & Tour, Frankie Valli, & Bob Gaudio

The 40th Jersey Boys Podcast (recorded on 23Apr07) includes the latest news from Jersey Boys Broadway, Jersey Boys Tour, and information about two of the original Four Seasons: Frankie Valli, and Bob Gaudio.

The introductory song segment is a medley from the Rhino Records' Jersey Boys Cast CD and Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons Reunited Live from CCMusic. It mixes together a short sample from 'CesSorees-La', and two short samples of 'December 1963'. The additional song sample played during this podcast is 'Walk Like A Man' from the Jersey Boys Cast CD.

Links mentioned in this podcast include: BroadwayWorld, JerseyBoysBlog, PlayBill, Backstage, NorthJersey, SanFranciscoSentinel, Chameleon Blog, PressOfAtlanticCity, NWI, and USAWeekend.

(Size: 12.2 MBs, Time: 26:36)