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Jersey Boys Fan Chat Room Via Meebo

JERSEY BOYS PODCAST #043 - Latest Jersey Boys Broadway & Tour News Plus Nick Massi Sings Mack The Knife

The 43rd Jersey Boys Podcast (recorded for May 31, 2007) has been released.  The main topic for this podcast is covering the latest news about Jersey Boys Broadway and Jersey Boys Tour.  We also examine some classic Four Seasons music.

Content for this podcast came from: Playbill, Broadway, Jersey Boys Blog, Contra Costa Times, and Inside Bay Area.

Links mentioned in this podcast includes:

Music samples played in this podcast thanks to Rhino Records and CCMusic includes:

(Size: 9.4 MBs, Time: 20:26)


Stephanie Pham

Hey! How've you been guys?! I've been really busy and haven't got a chance to catch up on a lot of the podcast but I intend to! I bet you're doing an amazing job! Thanks for continuing this! I hope I can see the show!

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