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JERSEY BOYS PODCAST #052 - San Diego Tour Update, Jennifer Naimo's Cabaret, Interview With J. Robert Spencer About His New Farm Girl In New York Movie

JERSEY BOYS PODCAST #051 - Fan Tribute Party Plus News On Broadway Cast Changes, Tour Updates, Chicago Reviews, & New Film From Bobby Spencer

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The Jersey Boys Podcast #051 (recorded on Friday, October 26, 2008) has been published. We cover the news that John Lloyd Young and Daniel Reichard have both recently announced plans to leave Jersey Boys Broadway.  And we devote nearly 32 minutes of today's show to coverage of comments and interviews recorded at the recent New York City (NYC) Jersey Boys Fan Tribute Party.   

After the Tribute Party coverage, Christy covers the latest news on the Jersey Boys Tour (San Diego, Las Vegas, and London) and the Chicago reviews [Daily Herald#1 & #2, The Epoch Times]

The last news item is a pointer to Jersey Boys Broadway cast member J. Robert "Bobby" Spencer's new movie called "Farm Girl In New York" that will be premiered on 11/15/07 at Tribeca Cinema.

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The following song samples were played during this show [thanks to Rhino Records]:

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Charles Alexander

Another great podcast, Steve and Christy. Thanks for capturing and preserving wonderful moments from the New York party for me and so many of my friends. The interviews with Joe Long, who replaced Nick Massi in the Seasons, and Frank Rovello, who runs the fan site, were particularly good. For me, one of the highlights of the party was at last getting to meet you two, who have done so much to help people learn about the play and the various casts.
You mentioned that Bob Gaudio said in London that some Valli/Seasons songs were much bigger in Britain than in the U.S. That's very true. Fallen Angel is one of those. There are two songs in particular -- You're Ready Now (which features the Angels on backing vocals) and the Night -- that were huge hits in Britain but not hits at all in the U.S. They are both in the Jersey Beat box set. You might want to feature them in a future podcast, if you haven't already done so. Warm regards, Charles

Stephanie Pham

I wish I could have been there! Thanks for capturing the party! I'm so sad about John leaving but that gives him more opportunities to shine! Love the podcast! Keep it coming!


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