JERSEY BOYS PODCAST #054 - Interview With Original Four Season Tommy DeVito (Part 1 of 4)
JERSEY BOYS PODCAST #056 - Interview With Tommy DeVito (Part 2 of 4)

JERSEY BOYS PODCAST #055 - Interview With Christopher Kale Jones (Frankie Valli On 1st National Tour)

Listen! (Size: 10.6-MBs, Time: 22:59)

Jbckjoct07_2 The Jersey Boys Podcast for today is with Jersey Boys 1st National Tour principle Christopher Kale Jones who plays Frankie Valli in the musical. 

The next podcast will be Part 2 of 4 with original Four Season Tommy DeVito, and then the following podcast will move back to the 1st National Tour members with John Altieri.

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Song sample segments played in this podcast include [thanks to Rhino Records]:


Howard Tucker

Steve and Chris (and Cristy), this was a great interview. On paper, Chris's upbeat, positive, and absolutely glowing demeanor doesn't always come acrss fully, but it did here. Love the 83-78 year olds revitalization after seeing Chris...but glad they saved their feelings for their kitchen table instead of the theater seats...also liked Chris's phrase "to make a long story longer." Thank you, Steve, too, for letting this talented thespian talk without interrupting...great piece.


thanks for a Great interview...that geriatric hickey thing was just hilarious. ckj's frankie is my favorite take on the role. such a nice guy..even took time out to answer my e-mail. i'm now going through jb withdrawal now that they've left ca. your podcast is a big help. pls. keep them coming..

Stephanie Pham

Hey! Great podcast! Christopher is a sweet guy! Thanks for posting the interviewing!



What a great interview with Chris! I love the older couple getting turned on after seeing him as Frankie in the show. Chris is a sweetheart in person. He's always been very kind to me in person and answering my questions in e-mails to him. I too miss the Sherry company as it has left Cali. for the last time. Sigh.


I just saw the Minneapolis Jersey Boys and loved it so so much. Then I found this great podcast. What a doll CKJ is. I'm so jealous of Mrs. Jones :) but so happy for his success! What a job he does as Frankie!

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