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JERSEY BOYS PODCAST #058 - Interview With Original Four Season Tommy DeVito (Part 3 of 4)

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Tommydevitomomcat150dpi The 58th edition (recorded on 12/21/07) of the Jersey Boys Podcast has been posted.   This podcast includes Part 3 of 4 of our interview with original Four Season member Tommy DeVito.

The topics covered by Tommy in this part includes: his favorite Four Seasons songs and background ideas on why he thinks some were hits & some were not; details on his own album '1st Season'; how he got his nickname 'Tommooch'; his thoughts on his 'unpublished autobiography' that was part of the background reference material for Jersey Boys; and his real relationship with Gyp DeCarlo.

It is highly recommended that you listen to Part 1 and Part 2 before listening to this edition.

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How fun! I linked to this on last weekend's weekly roundup and am just now getting around to letting you know. (I guess we were busy celebrating Easter!) Thanks so much for sharing!

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