JERSEY BOYS PODCAST #056 - Interview With Tommy DeVito (Part 2 of 4)
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JERSEY BOYS PODCAST #057 - Interview with John Altieri (1st National Tour)

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Jbjohnaltieri Today's Jersey Boys Podcast has our in-person interview with Jersey Boys 1st National Tour member John Altieri who plays the principle role of Bob Crewe and other characters. This interview was recorded on Thanksgiving day.  It has Q&As related to John's current and past roles as an actor, how he got the Jersey Boys role, and other details related to the challenges and benefits of being on one of the best musical tours in history.

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    thanks for a fun interview..not to put down the other bob crewes, but john altieri, i think, is the most convincing crewe. with him, i don't get any feeling of a straight guy acting gay... he knows comedy, and knows how to punch the punch lines.


    I had to think long and hard about taking my 10 year old daughter to see JB. She was already familiar with the language from my non-stop playing of the JB CD. I also took the opportunity to talk to her about successful people behaving badly. Six months later, she hasn't picked up the swearing nor petty crime nor JB obsession of mine.


    John's the only Bob Crewe that I've had the pleasure of seeing in person. He cracks me up everytime I saw him in the show. I was at the show where his gun got stuck in his pocket. I LOVE his Bob Crewe and Donny! Going shopping Jersey style is one of my most favorite scenes in the show!

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