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Manually Downloading Old Jersey Boys Podcasts - Use This File Naming Tip

If you are interested in manually downloading older Jersey Boys Podcasts there is a file naming convention that you can use to get them downloaded using your standard web browser. 

The individual MP3 audio files are all numbered in sequential order. For instance the first podcast is "JBP-001-JerseyBoysPodcast.mp3".  The second podcast is "JBP-002-JerseyBoysPodcast.mp3". All you need to do is increment 001 to 002 to 003 to whatever number you want up to the most current podcast without getting an error. 

You do this to the URL in the browser, so the complete link for the 1st podcast is:

The second podcast is:

Just change the digits and you will get them out of the archive.  If you have any problems, drop us an email to:

We are working on an Archive reference page with an index to make this easier. We also will have a future mailing list in the works that lets you know when a new podcast has been posted, and a full download feed for iTunes or your favorite podcatching client.

JERSEY BOYS PODCAST #059 - Interview With John Lloyd Young

Listen! (Size: 24.1-MBs, Time: 52:33)

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Jbpjlysddec2007 Show #059 of the Jersey Boys Podcast has been posted and it includes a great interview with John Lloyd Young. The topics covered in the interview includes: what John is doing now and in the near future including his upcoming concert on Feb. 23, 2008; his thoughts on supporting service through fund raising; his praise for his dedicated fans; the Tony Award wins; his feelings about leaving the cast of Jersey Boys; and Michael Longoria's strengths as the new Frankie Valli on Broadway.

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