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JERSEY BOYS PODCAST #059 - Interview With John Lloyd Young

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Jbpjlysddec2007 Show #059 of the Jersey Boys Podcast has been posted and it includes a great interview with John Lloyd Young. The topics covered in the interview includes: what John is doing now and in the near future including his upcoming concert on Feb. 23, 2008; his thoughts on supporting service through fund raising; his praise for his dedicated fans; the Tony Award wins; his feelings about leaving the cast of Jersey Boys; and Michael Longoria's strengths as the new Frankie Valli on Broadway.

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Alberta Egan

What a fantastic interview! I have had the honor of meeting and talking to John more than once. Your interview confirms what I already knew. John really, really appreciates his fans as much as we appreciate him. He is such a genuine person. You asked such great questions, thanks. I am also fortunate enough to have a ticket to his 02/23/08 concert. I am counting the days.
Keep up the great work.

Stephanie Pham

Thanks for another great podcast! I think it would be great if you interviewed Daniel again, just to see what his plans for the future! Glad to hear about John! Keep it coming! Stephanie

Steve Holden

Thanks for the kind words about the podcast. Glad you enjoyed the JLY interview. It was a ton of fun to do. He is a great guy.

Vera Colvin

This is great! I'm so glad that I found Jersey Boys tickets at and loved it!

Robert Muller

It's funny the things you find on the internet that are related to what you're interested in. I'm a big Frankie Valli fan from way back. I had no idea there was a podcast about them, but it shouldn't surprise me. I was able to find tickets for the show at Internet Ticket Outlet and I loved it!

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