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JERSEY BOYS PODCAST #062 - Interview With Original Four Season Tommy DeVito (Part 4 of 4) Plus News Update

JERSEY BOYS PODCAST #061 - Interview with Deven May Plus News Update

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Jbpdevenchristysdnov07 The Jersey Boys Podcast #061 brings fans an interview with Deven May who up until recently was playing the role of Tommy Devito on the 1st National Tour.  After the interview we will have some comments about the interview, and then a short run down of the latest news related to Jersey Boys Broadway , Jersey Boys Chicago, Jersey Boys London, Jersey Boys Las Vegas, and John Lloyd Young.

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It really is bittersweet listening to Deven. Thanks for the interview. There is talk that he has left show biz for good. Hopefully, that is just talk, cause we'll miss him devastatingly.


we just saw the show for the very first time saturday night - it was awesome!

by the way, you may have mentioned this, but there's a new tommy in chicago

tommy devito is now being played by brian mcelroy - he was perfect

keep up the great podcast!

Barbara Lewkow

Please say its not so..he can not stop acting. We all miss him so much. He was the best.

Steve Holden

JBBoy, Noebie, & Babara - Thanks for the recent comments. I still haven't heard anything definitive on Devin May so there is still hope he will still be acting. From the interview I didn't get the impression that he didn't enjoy acting. My guess is he need a break of some sort. The four main roles in JB are very demanding. - Steve

Andrea Kim

When I last saw Deven in Seattle last December, he said that he'd mentioned me in an interview he'd done. Since then, I'd searched far and wide to find that interview and eventually gave up. Well, the mystery has finally been solved! I can't believe that Deven spoke of me in such a wonderful way and it just goes to show what kind of person he truly is. It was an honor to get to know him a little during the tour's swing through the western states and I'll treasure the memories, and this interview, as long as I live! Thank you SO MUCH for posting it!

Steve Holden

Andrea, Thank you so much for the comment. You are very welcome, but it is really people like you that bring the magic of Jersey Boys back to what really matters - friendship - that needs the thanks. Thank you for all you have done to encourage the cast and help them know they are appreciated. Please check out the Christopher Kale Jones podcast. He mentions you also. - Steve & Christy

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Tommy devito is now being played by brian mcelroy - he was perfect. Keep it up great podcast!

Zachary Jones

i saw Deven in Las Vegas he did such a good job being the bad boy thad does everything wrong tommy is my favorite of the four seasons i think Deven adds lots of charm to the role of him

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