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JERSEY BOYS PODCAST #067 - Interview with Rick Faugno and Joyce Chittick from Jersey Boys Las Vegas

JBP-Rick&Joyce-LV-2008 The 67th Jersey Boys Podcast brings you another Jersey Boys Las Vegas Cast Members interview with Rick Faugno who stars in the role of Frankie Valli and Joyce Chittick who at the time of the recording was staring in the primary track known as Mary Delgado.  You can check out the Jersey Boys in Las Vegas (both the musical and the store) at the Palazzo Resort and Casino.

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NPR Interview With George Clinton Mentions Frankie Valli

George Clinton, who could be categorized as the Master of Funk, was originally part of the doo op band The Parliaments.  During this period, he lived close to both the The Monotones who wrote the song "(Who Wrote) The Book Of Love," and the The Four Seasons - who incidentally released a cover of "Book Of Love" on the Big Girls Don't Cry CD distributed by Rhino Records in 1995. 

These doo op memories of George Clinton come compliments of an interviewed on NPR. According to the interview, his band The Monotones, and members of the Four Seasons (probably before they were called Four Seasons) competed against each other in local New Jersey battle of the band contests. 

Jersey Boys News Review - Sunday, February 1, 2009

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