JERSEY BOYS PODCAST #070 - Interview with Rick Elice
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JERSEY BOYS PODCAST #071 - Interviews with Quinn Van Antwerp & Matt Bailey

JBP-Matt-BaileyToday's podcast Jersey Boys Podcast #071 (recorded Tuesday, December 23, 2009) includes two cast interviews.  The first interview is with Quinn Van Antwerp who plays Bob Gaudio with the Jersey Boys Toronto Company.  And then Matt Bailey who plays Tommy Devito is interviewed from the Jersey Boys National Tour

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It is quite sad to notice that in the entire history of the blog, very little attention (I actually noticed almost zero) was paid to the amazing cast in Chicago. No interviews, nothing. Such a shame. Now that the show has closed (it closed January 10, 2010) the opportunties are forever lost.

Steve Holden

Dear Anonymous -- Yes it is too bad that the Jersey Boys Podcast was never ever to make it to see the Chicago production. We weren't able to afford a visit to record the cast and that is disappointing. The same is true for the London cast and the cast in Australia. We love the show but can't make it every location. As a labor of love we are doing the best we can with the resources we have available. Respectfully, Steve (& Christy)

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