JERSEY BOYS PODCAST #075 - Movie Interviews & Press Conference

JERSEY BOYS PODCAST #074 - Movie, News & Interview with John Gardiner

Today’s Jersey Boys Podcast examines the new Jersey Boys Movie trailer & poster (IMDB), news, and an interview from our vault with Jersey Boys cast member John Gardiner.  The podcast starts off with a "fan thank you" intro from Daniel Reichard.


Links mentioned in this podcast include:

You can get all the latest news about Jersey Boys at the Jersey Boys Blog. If you want to see Jersey Boys the musical then check out Jersey Boys Info (Broadway, Tour, London, etc).

The music samples played in this podcast come from: Off Seasons: Criminally Ignored Sides from Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons (with  “Big Man's World”); John’s CD “The Way We Weren’t”; and Jersey Boys Musical CD (with “Backup Sessions”).

 Listen! (Size: 19.8-MBs, Time: 21m16s)


Johnny Hornsby

I think the other song on Ed Sullivan was Diddily Diddily Babe. One of the worst Valli songs ever. (Just my opinion)

Johnny Hornsby

http://gilgweb.com/4SDVSDisc.html Steve: Here is a discography. I don't think Big Man's World was ever a B side. It was LP only in the U.S. I could be wrong, though. Johnny

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