Get Pluggd In To The Jersey Boys Podcast

There is a new podcast site called Pluggd that is still in Beta but you can get your Jersey Boys Podcast via this URL:

If you are listening to the Jersey Boys Podcast via a web browser than this might be a nicer interface for listening. 

They are going to start offering in-podcast audio search so you can quickly find a topic if you are so interested.

Jersey Boys Podcast Administrivia Update

Jersey Boys Podcast hopes everyone has been having a great summer.  Our family just got back from a two-week family vacation.  And are looking forward to getting a new podcast about Jersey Boys Broadway out this upcoming weekend. 

It should be noted that Jersey Boys Tour is now online and it looks like after San Francisco, CA that Los Angeles, CA will be the second city in the tour. 

More updates as news becomes available via the podcast/this site, or more than likely if you are on the Internet a lot that you'll get text news faster via Jersey Boys Blog.

Jersey Boys Podcast Calendar Up And Running

One of the goals of Jersey Boys Podcast is to create a calendar site so we can track important dates related to Jersey Boys Broadway and Frankie Valli and The 4 Seasons.

If you are already signed up with a Google email account then pick this icon:

If you do not have a Google email account then try this icon:

Thanks to the Jersey Boys Blog for some of the recent birthday news on John Lloyd Young and Daniel Reichard.

If you have dates and details you'd like to post on the calendar, please let me know:  If you want a Google email address send me email and I'll send you an invite.

Jersey Boys Podcast Donation Options

The Jersey Boys Podcast accepts direction donations from listeners and supporters of the podcast from the following sources:

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All donations are put back into the podcast prodcution to help pay for items like: hosting costs, file downloads, marketing, audio gear, and other costs.

Your donation is very appreciated! - Steve & Christy

Now I'm Off On A Family Vacation

The Holden family is off on a vacation to Yosemite.  Sorry for the podcast delay.  I'll have spotty Internet connectivity until Friday, March 17th, 2006, and limited recording capabilities.

I'll continue working on show production and worst case I should have something recorded and posted on March 19th, 2006.  Thanks for the support and understanding - Steve (

Update On Next Jersey Boys Podcast (#013)

The outline of the next Jersey Boys Podcast is:

  • Listener feedback
  • News in the Media about Jersey Boys and Frankie Valli & The 4 Seasons
  • Personality News about Cast and Others Associated with Jersey Boys Broadway

Music segements will be from the Cast CD, the Anthology CD, and another sample from The Four Lovers CD.  I hope to have it released this weekend.

Call the listener line at 206-337-0948 if you have recently seen the show and let us know what you think!