JERSEY BOYS PODCAST #076 - Movie Review & Interviews

Today's podcast covers our first impression review of the Jersey Boys Movie, a fan's interview of the Movie, and interviews recently published with Movie cast members.
Song segments played in this podcast includes:

You can get all the latest news about Jersey Boys at the Jersey Boys Blog. If you want to see Jersey Boys the musical then check out Jersey Boys Info (Broadway, Tour, London, etc).

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JERSEY BOYS PODCAST #074 - Movie, News & Interview with John Gardiner

Today’s Jersey Boys Podcast examines the new Jersey Boys Movie trailer & poster (IMDB), news, and an interview from our vault with Jersey Boys cast member John Gardiner.  The podcast starts off with a "fan thank you" intro from Daniel Reichard.


Links mentioned in this podcast include:

You can get all the latest news about Jersey Boys at the Jersey Boys Blog. If you want to see Jersey Boys the musical then check out Jersey Boys Info (Broadway, Tour, London, etc).

The music samples played in this podcast come from: Off Seasons: Criminally Ignored Sides from Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons (with  “Big Man's World”); John’s CD “The Way We Weren’t”; and Jersey Boys Musical CD (with “Backup Sessions”).

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Prep Notes for Jersey Boys Podcast #073 - News, Reviews, Music, Etc ...

Currently making preparations for putting out a new podcast. As we work on the production, we will update this blog post with the latest info.

The main focus: review of John Lloyd Young's (JLY) return to Broadway; updates on news (remember the best place is the Jersey Boys Blog); a cast member "vault" interview from a Jersey Boys Las Vegas visit; and a bunch of music samples (including a medley from JLY new album & "Stay").

Current Jersey Boys news:

Current Four Seasons news:

Midtown Men news:

JLY Medley @ end of the podcast (suggestions):

  • From Linda: Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me; Since I Fell for You; & Hey There, Lonely Girl
  • From Carolyn: Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me; Since I Fell for You; & Hey There, Lonely Girl
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JERSEY BOYS PODCAST #072 - Interview With Peter Saide Plus News Updates

JBP-PeterSadie Today's Jersey Boys Podcast is an interview from the archives (recorded August 2010) with Peter Saide who was at the time of the recording and also when we are publishing this podcast playing the lead role of Bob Guadio with the Jersey Boys Las Vegas company.  This podcast also includes news about: Jersey Boys Tour News (Ohio);  The MidTown Men's upcoming show in San Diego, CA (Sycuan) ; and Austrailia and New Zealand News from BroadWayWorld.

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Song samples included in this podcast (thanks to Rhino Records): "Sunday Kinda Love" [Cast CD], The Sun Ain't Going To Shine (Anymore) [Anthology]; and Working My Way Back To You [Cast CD].

P.S. Thanks to John Lloyd Young for the podcast introduction! 


JERSEY BOYS PODCAST #069 - Jersey Boys National Tour Update

Today's Jersey Boys Podcast show is a quick run down of the latest news and pointers related to the Jersey Boys National Tour.  Currently the National Tour cast is in Atlanta, GA.  We start off the podcast with music from the Broadway show highlighting the song "You're The Apple Of My Eye" written by Otis Blackwell, and give you a sample from the 1950s recording from The Four Lovers.

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Links mentioned in this podcast include:

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Charlie Calello Podcast Interview - Some Great Four Seasons History

Jersey Boys and Four Seasons' fans should enjoy this interview with Charlie Calello on the The Frank Truth Show #117.

While this podcast is dedicated to Frank Sinatra, the Four Seasons, the Four Lovers, Frankie Valli, Bob Gaudio, Nick Massi, and Jersey Boys are mentioned in the very early part of the interview.

Charlie Calello was a member of the Four Lovers and for a short time officially part of the Four Seasons.  He was also the primary arranger for huge percentage of Four Seasons and Frankie Valli songs and albums. 

There is also some great commentary from Charlie Calello in the Jersey Boys coffee table book.

NPR Interview With George Clinton Mentions Frankie Valli

George Clinton, who could be categorized as the Master of Funk, was originally part of the doo op band The Parliaments.  During this period, he lived close to both the The Monotones who wrote the song "(Who Wrote) The Book Of Love," and the The Four Seasons - who incidentally released a cover of "Book Of Love" on the Big Girls Don't Cry CD distributed by Rhino Records in 1995. 

These doo op memories of George Clinton come compliments of an interviewed on NPR. According to the interview, his band The Monotones, and members of the Four Seasons (probably before they were called Four Seasons) competed against each other in local New Jersey battle of the band contests. 

Jersey Boys News Review - Sunday, February 1, 2009

Here are some top Jersey Boys news items we are tracking:

WLIT Radio Interview Of Jersey Boys Chicago Cast Posted To YouTube

Mike over at the Jersey Boys Forum notes that Chicago WLIT's Melissa Forman recently had the "Chicago company of JERSEY BOYS in the studio to discuss the new block of tickets that went on-sale to the public Friday, January 23 at 10 a.m. for performances April 14 through July 12, 2009.

Here is Part 1 via You Tube:

Here is Part 2 via You Tube:

JERSEY BOYS PODCAST #065 - Interview with J. Robert Spencer

Jrspencerlaughingoct07 Today's Jersey Boys Podcast #065 (produced on Wednesday, September 3, 2008) has a single focus - a great phone interview with Jersey Boys Broadway's J. Robert Spencer who plays the role of original Four Season Nick Massi. This interview was recorded on Friday, August 29, 2008.

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After listening to this interview you will get all the details on Bobby's current plans with Jersey Boys, and an in-depth update on all the projects he has been working on in conjunction with Jersey Boys plus a run down on his plans for the next couple of months.  Links mentioned with regards to the interview:

In addition, the following links mentioned during this podcast:

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