JERSEY BOYS PODCAST #060 - The Latest Jersey Boys Related News & Fan Thank You!

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Today's Jersey Boys Podcast (recorded on 1/27/08) is a much needed Jersey Boys news catch-up  and  listener appreciation show.  We have news about Jersey Boys Broadway and all the current Tour locations including breaking news on Australia.  We also have updates on Four Seasons members Joe Long, Frankie Valli, Bob Gaudio, and Tommy Devito.

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JERSEY BOYS PODCAST #059 - Interview With John Lloyd Young

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Jbpjlysddec2007 Show #059 of the Jersey Boys Podcast has been posted and it includes a great interview with John Lloyd Young. The topics covered in the interview includes: what John is doing now and in the near future including his upcoming concert on Feb. 23, 2008; his thoughts on supporting service through fund raising; his praise for his dedicated fans; the Tony Award wins; his feelings about leaving the cast of Jersey Boys; and Michael Longoria's strengths as the new Frankie Valli on Broadway.

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JERSEY BOYS PODCAST #055 - Interview With Christopher Kale Jones (Frankie Valli On 1st National Tour)

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Jbckjoct07_2 The Jersey Boys Podcast for today is with Jersey Boys 1st National Tour principle Christopher Kale Jones who plays Frankie Valli in the musical. 

The next podcast will be Part 2 of 4 with original Four Season Tommy DeVito, and then the following podcast will move back to the 1st National Tour members with John Altieri.

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JERSEY BOYS PODCAST #053 - Video Of Broadway Visit & Fan Tribute Event

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Join Christy and Steve Holden as they travel to New York City via Newark, NJ to see the Sunday matinée of Jersey Boys on 10/21/07 and then attend the Broadway Fan Tribute Event that evening.  This once in a lifetime event included members of The Four Seasons (Frankie Valli, Tommy DeVito, Bob Gaudio, and Joe Long), and dozens of Broadway cast members including the four main principles: John Lloyd Young, Daniel Reichard, Christian Hoff, and J. Robert Spencer.

This is the first video podcast from Jersey Boys Podcast.  It was produced on a Mac Book Pro running Mac OS 10.5 'Leopard' and iMovie 08.  Video was taken using the Canon HV20 and still images are from a Canon Digital Rebel XT.

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Come Join Fans At Jersey Boys World

Jersey Boys World is a new social network for the fans of Jersey Boys, the Tony award-winning smash hit musical about the rags to riches story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. 

The musical is currently playing on Broadway and with several National Touring Companies (San Diego, San Francisco, & Chicago plus in 2008 look for them in London & Las Vegas).

JERSEY BOYS PODCAST #051 - Fan Tribute Party Plus News On Broadway Cast Changes, Tour Updates, Chicago Reviews, & New Film From Bobby Spencer

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The Jersey Boys Podcast #051 (recorded on Friday, October 26, 2008) has been published. We cover the news that John Lloyd Young and Daniel Reichard have both recently announced plans to leave Jersey Boys Broadway.  And we devote nearly 32 minutes of today's show to coverage of comments and interviews recorded at the recent New York City (NYC) Jersey Boys Fan Tribute Party.   

After the Tribute Party coverage, Christy covers the latest news on the Jersey Boys Tour (San Diego, Las Vegas, and London) and the Chicago reviews [Daily Herald#1 & #2, The Epoch Times]

The last news item is a pointer to Jersey Boys Broadway cast member J. Robert "Bobby" Spencer's new movie called "Farm Girl In New York" that will be premiered on 11/15/07 at Tribeca Cinema.

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Jersey Boys Fan Tribute Party Pictures

Here are the Jersey Boys Podcast's Fan Tribute Party pictures (plus some others from the SF Tour Open Night):

You can read more about what happened at the great Fan Tribute Party over at JerseyBoysBlog.

JERSEY BOYS PODCAST #049 - Interview With Frankie Valli Plus Jersey Boys Tour & Broadway News

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Christyfrankiedavidsep07 The Jersey Boys Podcast #049 (recorded on Oct. 5, 2007) has been released.  The show includes an interview with Frankie Valli discussing his new album "Romancing the 60's" and answering fan questions.  In addition, this show has the latest Jersey Boys Tour and Jersey Boys Broadway news.

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New Frankie Valli Album - Romancing the 60's

Frankie Valli has released a new album called "Romancing the 60's."


Frankie was recently in San Diego and Christy recorded an interview (JBP#049).  That interview will cover Frankie's thoughts on this album and answer other Jersey Boys fans questions. It will be out in the next podcast.

You can see a video of Frankie singing "Spanish Harlem" if you follow this link over at the Jersey Boys Blog.