Tommy DeVito - The Original Four Seasons - Passes Away

Tommy_Devito_and_SDH-COLLAGE (1)Tommy DeVito of The Four Seasons has passed away. 

To be totally honest, he was my favorite. 

I loved his story in the Jersey Boys, and how Christian Hoff played him in La Jolla, CA  at the La Jolla Playhouse, and then on Broadway. And Devin May's performance in Las Vegas was amazing.

I also really connected with him during the several times I had the distinct pleasure to be in his company. He was a gentleman, considerate, and passionate about caring for those closest to him.  

I consider my interview with him with my wife Christy to be a special moment in music and podcast history.

Rest in peace Mr. DeVito.

Here are some news sources reporting on Tommy's passing (some of the photos posted in these articles are awesome):


Prep Notes for Jersey Boys Podcast #073 - News, Reviews, Music, Etc ...

Currently making preparations for putting out a new podcast. As we work on the production, we will update this blog post with the latest info.

The main focus: review of John Lloyd Young's (JLY) return to Broadway; updates on news (remember the best place is the Jersey Boys Blog); a cast member "vault" interview from a Jersey Boys Las Vegas visit; and a bunch of music samples (including a medley from JLY new album & "Stay").

Current Jersey Boys news:

Current Four Seasons news:

Midtown Men news:

JLY Medley @ end of the podcast (suggestions):

  • From Linda: Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me; Since I Fell for You; & Hey There, Lonely Girl
  • From Carolyn: Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me; Since I Fell for You; & Hey There, Lonely Girl
  • Buy the new album on iTunes


JERSEY BOYS PODCAST #071 - Interviews with Quinn Van Antwerp & Matt Bailey

JBP-Matt-BaileyToday's podcast Jersey Boys Podcast #071 (recorded Tuesday, December 23, 2009) includes two cast interviews.  The first interview is with Quinn Van Antwerp who plays Bob Gaudio with the Jersey Boys Toronto Company.  And then Matt Bailey who plays Tommy Devito is interviewed from the Jersey Boys National Tour

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JERSEY BOYS PODCAST #068 - Full 2007 Interview With Tommy DeVito

Christy+tommy_LV_May08 Today's Jersey Boys Podcast show reaches back into our archives and puts together in a single podcast the Tommy DeVito interview we conducted back in Fall 2007.  The audio recording for the MP3 has been upgraded from previous releases at 64-kbps to 96-kbps.  Also, if you enjoyed this audio interview with Tommy you should check out these other interviews: Las Vegas Review Journal (Doug Elfman) and Jersey Boys Blog Interview (Dec06).

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Charlie Calello Podcast Interview - Some Great Four Seasons History

Jersey Boys and Four Seasons' fans should enjoy this interview with Charlie Calello on the The Frank Truth Show #117.

While this podcast is dedicated to Frank Sinatra, the Four Seasons, the Four Lovers, Frankie Valli, Bob Gaudio, Nick Massi, and Jersey Boys are mentioned in the very early part of the interview.

Charlie Calello was a member of the Four Lovers and for a short time officially part of the Four Seasons.  He was also the primary arranger for huge percentage of Four Seasons and Frankie Valli songs and albums. 

There is also some great commentary from Charlie Calello in the Jersey Boys coffee table book.

NPR Interview With George Clinton Mentions Frankie Valli

George Clinton, who could be categorized as the Master of Funk, was originally part of the doo op band The Parliaments.  During this period, he lived close to both the The Monotones who wrote the song "(Who Wrote) The Book Of Love," and the The Four Seasons - who incidentally released a cover of "Book Of Love" on the Big Girls Don't Cry CD distributed by Rhino Records in 1995. 

These doo op memories of George Clinton come compliments of an interviewed on NPR. According to the interview, his band The Monotones, and members of the Four Seasons (probably before they were called Four Seasons) competed against each other in local New Jersey battle of the band contests. 

JERSEY BOYS PODCAST #065 - Interview with J. Robert Spencer

Jrspencerlaughingoct07 Today's Jersey Boys Podcast #065 (produced on Wednesday, September 3, 2008) has a single focus - a great phone interview with Jersey Boys Broadway's J. Robert Spencer who plays the role of original Four Season Nick Massi. This interview was recorded on Friday, August 29, 2008.

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After listening to this interview you will get all the details on Bobby's current plans with Jersey Boys, and an in-depth update on all the projects he has been working on in conjunction with Jersey Boys plus a run down on his plans for the next couple of months.  Links mentioned with regards to the interview:

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JERSEY BOYS PODCAST #062 - Interview With Original Four Season Tommy DeVito (Part 4 of 4) Plus News Update

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Tommyguitar The 62nd edition (recorded on 4/22/08) of the Jersey Boys Podcast has been posted.   This podcast includes Part 4 of 4 of our interview with original Four Season member Tommy DeVito.  The previous parts have been posted here: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. The picture to the left is from 1968 with Tommy reportedly getting started with "Italian Cowboy" as Frankie starts to laugh and Bob Guadio looks like he'd like to be anywhere but on stage.

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In addition to the interview, we cover the latest Jersey Boys news related to: Broadway, London, Chicago, Las Vegas, 1st National Tour, and Australia.  Links mentioned during the news section includes:

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Jersey Boys Quiz and J. Robert Spencer Videos

Here are two quick pointers for Jersey Boys Podcast fans:

JERSEY BOYS PODCAST #060 - The Latest Jersey Boys Related News & Fan Thank You!

Listen! (Size: 17.4-MBs, Time: 37:49)

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Today's Jersey Boys Podcast (recorded on 1/27/08) is a much needed Jersey Boys news catch-up  and  listener appreciation show.  We have news about Jersey Boys Broadway and all the current Tour locations including breaking news on Australia.  We also have updates on Four Seasons members Joe Long, Frankie Valli, Bob Gaudio, and Tommy Devito.

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